Developer of SEELablet : An affordable instrumentation cluster for laboratories. Contributor to the ExpEYES Project : Your Lab@home . Founder at CSpark Research

During his college years, Jithin was a contributor to the Android app and Web-UI development for ExpEYES-j, an open source data acquisition and control platform for teaching science through experimentation.

After graduating with a Masters in Physics from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali, India, he established a small firm to develop and manufacture affordable scientific test and measurement tools. One of the early products was the SEELablet , a multi-purpose collection of equipment with a built-in single-board-computer that was preconfigured with Linux and several open source tools designed to reduce dependence on proprietary software. This instrument is designed to ease the transition to open source tools, and at the same time provide a vertiable collection of scientific instruments at an affordable price.

This project was also adapted to create a new version for ExpEYES which already had an active community, and is constantly evolving.

Various other projects he has worked on range from mere amusement to his thesis work in low-temperature physics, and can be found on his personal website